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Who is David A. Olsen?

I live in Woodinville, Washington which is a suburb of Seattle. I am a native of Oregon, but have been living in the Seattle area for over 25 years now, so I really am a Pacific North-westerner!

I have been studying and expressing myself in photography since I was in junior high when the cameras were big and cumbersome and it was all in film. Now I use a DSLR – currently a Sony A7R III– and have found that digital is the way to go!

I have studied with some of the leading photographers such as Greg Gorman, Seth Resnick and Carlan Tapp. Each of these photographers has encouraged me to continue to explore and challenge myself on a regular basis.

I have sold a few of my images and have done a few commissions along the way. While I have done a couple of weddings and family portraits, it is landscape that inspires me as does the world of macro photography. Flowers are a wonder to me as they can be shown in so many ways and there is always the wonder of the colors and how the light bounces off those colors.

As of October 2015, I moved from shooting with a Canon platform to the Sony platform.  This was a big move for me as the Sony is a mirrorless system and, in some ways, takes a different mentality to work with.  But, it has been a new experience and has motivated me in new ways to create my art!  There are some images on this site that are already the result of the new Sony system!

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